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Yogi Bare Paws - Wild Green Ever-Grip 4mm

Yogi Bare Paws - Wild Green Ever-Grip 4mm

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Key benefits

  • Features the EVER GRIPâ„¢ technology for unmatched grip
  • Professional-grade 4mm thickness for support and cushioning
  • Minimalist design with alignment and orientation cues
  • Features serene symbols and affirming reminders for a positive atmosphere
  • Has an anti-sweat stain surface

Elevate your yoga practice with Yogi Bare's innovative yoga mat, featuring the groundbreaking EVER GRIPâ„¢ Technology. Designed to revolutionise grip in the industry, these mats provide an unparalleled foundation for your sessions. The professional-grade 4mm thickness ensures optimal support and cushioning, enabling you to delve deeper into your practice with confidence.

Each mat in the collection has a minimalist design, thoughtfully incorporating alignment and orientation cues to guide you through your movements seamlessly. In addition, the mat features symbols of serenity and affirmations to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere.

In addition, practicality meets performance with the anti-sweat stain surface, simplifying post-practice maintenance for effortless upkeep. Crafted with an innovative rubber finish and EVER GRIPâ„¢ Technology, these mats are engineered for exceptional durability, high tensile strength, and tear resistance.

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180cm x 66cm and 4mm thick. 2.5KG. Natural rubber base. EVER GRIPâ„¢ Technology PU upper. Heat bonded so no toxic glues are used. PVC + Plastic free. Biodegradable in correct landfill conditions

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