Collection: Chaga Mushroom

Discover the Power of Chaga: Nature’s Antioxidant Champion

Experience natural energy and unparalleled antioxidant support with Chaga. Renowned for its ability to deliver long-lasting vitality without caffeine crashes, Chaga also bolsters the immune system and promotes radiant skin.

Tell Me More About Chaga

Chaga is celebrated for its potential to enhance immune function and overall health. This unique fungus thrives on birch trees in the frosty climates of Siberia and Canada, easily identified by its distinctive, charred exterior.


Chaga presents a rich, earthy flavour, offering a coffee-like experience without the intensity.

Defence & Skin

Dubbed the "king of mushrooms," Chaga is prized for its robust health benefits, particularly in immune defence. Rich in bioactive compounds like polysaccharides and beta-glucans, it may enhance immune response. Additionally, Chaga contains kojic acid and betulinic acid, both known for hydrating the skin and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. (1) A single cup of Chaga brims with antioxidants, equivalent to the content of 600 blueberries, supporting a strong and resilient immune system. (2)


Chaga stands out as an energy source that avoids the pitfalls of caffeine. Instead of quick spikes and crashes, Chaga provides a smooth, sustained energy release. Research, such as a study on 64 mice, shows that Chaga may improve physical endurance and delay fatigue, indicating its potential as a steady energy enhancer. (3)


Chaga’s storied history in traditional medicine spans Siberia, Russia, and Asia. Indigenous Siberians are among the earliest known to utilize Chaga, valuing it for immune support and overall health. During World War II, Chaga found a unique role in Finland as a coffee substitute, cherished for its earthy taste and local abundance.