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VivoBase Vivo Home

VivoBase Vivo Home

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Key Benefits
  • Enhanced well-being
  • Electromagnetic radiation protection of up to 30 metres.
  • Easily applied to a plug socket anywhere in your house.
In an era where smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smart home devices have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, exposure to electromagnetic radiation has surged, even within the confines of our homes. WiFi radiation, smartphone emissions, Bluetooth signals, and DECT phone waves contribute to an electromagnetic smog that engulfs our living spaces. This is exacerbated by the pervasive use of technology among children and teenagers, making it crucial to address this growing health concern.

VIVOBASE HOME steps forward as a beacon of defense against this rising tide of electromagnetic smog. While new 'SMART Home' solutions promise enhanced security and energy efficiency, they inadvertently amplify this radiation. VIVOBASE HOME distinguishes itself by offering protection without demanding sacrifices in modern technological comforts. Unlike conventional network circuit breakers that disrupt entire power supplies, VIVOBASE HOME activates a natural protective shield, preserving the advantages of contemporary technology.

This innovative solution not only guards against internal sources of radiation but extends its protection to encompass external influences like electromagnetic waves from mobile phone masts and neighboring WiFi networks. Electrosensitive individuals find authentic relief in VIVOBASE products, making their daily lives more manageable. For everyone else, these products serve as a proactive approach to healthcare, ensuring preventive measures against the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Scientific studies underscore the efficacy of VIVOBASE HOME in shielding against electromagnetic smog, validating its pivotal role in promoting a healthier living environment. Additionally, individuals can personally verify its efficacy using readily available frequency measurement devices. VIVOBASE HOME stands as a powerful testament to how technology can coexist harmoniously with human well-being. Protection against elektrosmog and smartphone radiation at home - Application in houses and apartments - Approx 30 m Effective radius, through walls and ceilings - Available as a plug for the socket - Dimension approx. an average of 110 mm, Weight 75g.

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Approx 30 m Effective radius, through walls and ceilings - Available as a plug for the socket - Dimension approx. an average of 110 mm, Weight 75g.

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