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Veloforte Starter Pack

Veloforte Starter Pack

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Key Benefits

  • Curated mix of 9 products for Before, During and After exercise
  • Proteins and dual-source carbs for sustained energy and recovery
  • Certified Gluten Free Plant-based and Vegetarian recipes
  • 2 energy bars, 1 protein bar, 2 natural gels, 2 soft chews, a refreshingly light real-hydration mix and a Recovery Protein Super-shake with 2g BCAA's

The Starter Pack Variety Bundle from Veloforte offers an enticing gateway to a world of health and vitality. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients and meticulously balanced proteins and carbs, this curated selection of nine products covers every aspect of your exercise routine, from pre-workout fuel to post-workout recovery. Free from additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients, each item in this pack is a testament to Veloforte's commitment to quality and purity. Whether you're reaching for an Anytime Energy Bar to sustain your momentum during a workout or indulging in the decadence of the Mocha Protein Bar for rapid recovery, every bite is a step towards enhanced performance and well-being.

What’s Inside:

2 x Anytime Energy Bars:
    • Classico: Fresh, powerful and incredibly delicious... An exceptional mix of citrus fruits, nuts & spices, offering balanced and sustained energy.
    • Avanti: Satisfyingly salted. Packed full of juicy dates, crunchy pecans, almonds & sea salt. The perfect all day bar to keep you fuelled and replenished. It's vegan too!

    1 x Protein Bar:
      • Mocha: A rewardingly decadent mix of roasted hazelnuts, cocoa & coffee with 10g complete plant protein for effective fuelling & rapid recovery.

        2 x Nectars:
          • Doppio: An invigorating blend of Maple, Coffee & Guarana, the Doppio is designed specifically to restore, refresh & re-energise with improved alertness & concentration, enhancing your ability to work hard for longer.
          • Riba: A deliciously tart & fruity all-natural power burst, designed to keep your performance strong & energy balanced.

            2 x Energy Chews:
            • Citro: Soft, fruity and invigorating with real fruit, zingy ginger and the finest electrolytes. Packed with fast-release energy, these chews add a revitalising spring to your stride and palate too.
            • Fresco: Soft, fruity & menthol with natural electrolytes. Packed with fast-release energy, these chews are refreshingly light, designed to cleanse your palate and open your air-ways.

              1 x Real Hydration:
              • Attivo: Wild Strawberry & Basil in a "3 in 1" recipe: Electrolytes, energy & natural Caffeine, to restore, refresh & rehydrate naturally.

                1 x Recovery Protein Super-shake:
                • Nova: Re-energise, rebuild & recover naturally. Nova is a rewardingly smooth, delicious & restorative Recovery Protein super-shake, packed full of complete plant protein, blended for optimal Recovery with a 3:1 carbs:protein ratio. Made from freeze dried banana, rich cocoa, nature's purest electrolytes & Maca root - a natural adaptogen to restore balance & help combat the stress induced by vigorous exercise.

                  Here at we do the work for you, every product goes through a 3 step curation process of Discovery, Expert Validation, and Community Testing. So you know you are only getting the best.


                  Classico Energy Bar: Mixed candied peels (36%) (orange, lemon, citron, glucose-fructose syrup) almonds (23%), cane sugar, honey (8%), gram flour, tapioca flour, orange juice & zest, mixed spices, wafer paper (potato starch), vanilla extract, vanilla seeds. Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. Avanti Energy Bar: Dates (33%), mixed nuts (24%) (almonds, pecan nuts (9%)) , cane sugar, brown rice syrup, gram flour, agave nectar, tapioca flour, maple syrup, mixed spices, sea salt, wafer paper (potato starch), vanilla extract, vanilla seeds. Mocha Protein Recovery Bar: Hazelnuts (29%) (roasted hazelnut butter, nibbed hazelnuts) , dates, cane sugar, brown rice syrup, pea protein isolate, fat reduced cocoa powder (3.5%), brown rice protein, de-caffeinated coffee, tapioca flour, wafer paper (potato starch), ground black pepper, vanilla extract, vanilla seeds. Doppio – Natural Caffeine Energy Gel: Unrefined brown rice syrup, date syrup, maple syrup (10%), water, Guarana extract, freeze dried decaffeinated coffee, pink Himalayan salt. Contains 75mg natural caffeine per 33g gel. Riba - Natural Energy Gel: Unrefined brown rice syrup, concentrated fruit juice (18%), (apple, blackcurrant), maple syrup, water, elderflower extract, pink Himalayan salt. Attivo Electrolyte Powder: Cane sugar, dried coconut water, real fruit powders (strawberry, lemon), pink Himalayan salt, guarana*, basil extract. *contains caffeine. Do not exceed 5 sachets/day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women Vita - Recovery Protein Shake: Cane Sugar, Whey Protein Isolate (MILK) , Freeze dried Fruit Powder blend (18%) (Raspberry, Acai, Cherry, Blackcurrant), Maize Starch, Coconut Water Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Panax Ginseng Powder, Plant-Based Sweetener ( steviol glycosides from stevia). Contains the natural adaptogen Maca. Suitable for over 16s only. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescription medications please consult your doctor. Allergens: See ingredients in bold.

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