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Truff White Truffle Hotter Hot Sauce

Truff White Truffle Hotter Hot Sauce

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Key Benefits

  • Delicious flavour made of real white truffles, agave nectar, and plenty of red chilli peppers
  • 5000-7000 SHU
  • Vegan and gluten free

Truff’s White Truffle Hotter Sauce, a bold and fiery infusion of spice that elevates the distinctive flavours of rare white truffles. This exquisite hot sauce is crafted by blending real white truffles, agave nectar from Jalisco, and an abundance of red chilli peppers, resulting in a unique and elegant flavour profile that offers a perfect balance of sweetness and extra heat in every bite. With approximately 5000-7000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), Truff’s White Truffle Hotter Sauce delivers 2-3 times the heat of the original formula, making it ideal for those seeking an intensified culinary experience. Drizzle it over beef, chicken, or BBQ nachos, spice up your breakfast burrito, or surprise your host with the gift of heat instead of the traditional bottle of wine. Truff’s White Truffle Hotter Sauce promises a journey of bold flavours and heightened heat that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

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TRUFF Chili blend (Red Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Organic Sugar, Garlic, Salt), Olive Oil, Organic Agave Nectar, Red Habanero Powder, Lycopene and Glycerin (for color), Spices, White Truffle Oil Concentrate, Xanthan Gum, White Truffle Powder Concentrate, White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum)

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