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Taopatch Start

Taopatch Start

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Key Benefits
  • Transmits beneficial signals to the body that can assist with movement
  • Relieves pain issues
  • Assists balance

TAOPATCH ® START is a new generation device capable of transmitting beneficial signals to the body. It contains 3 TAOPATCH ® START devices, 3 hypoallergenic adhesives (to stick the Taopatches to skin), and has a service life of 2 years. Taopatch is a nanotechnology device that combines, light therapy and acupuncture. It contains nanocrystals that convert heat from your body into light (it actually glows in the dark). This light is sent into specific acupuncture points on your body, which helps your body “remember” how to naturally communicate with the rest of the body. This leads to lots of health benefits, from better balance and posture to better sleep, focus, athletic performance, pain relief and more.

Taopatch was originally developed to treat muscle contractures. One day one of the doctors who was using it decided to try it on a patient with multiple sclerosis who couldn't walk without assistance. Within minutes that patient started walking freely. This is when Taopatch realized the real potential for this technology is unlimited. Taopatch have spent the last 8 years applying the principles of acupuncture to low-level laser therapy using their nanotechnology. They have helped thousands of people with Multiple Sclerosis, athletes, people suffering from pain, emotional imbalance and lots of other symptoms. Now, 8 years later, they've conducted double-blind studies at major universities, and have sold over 350,000 devices through a network of 2,200 doctors.

“We studied 28 consecutive patients to whom we applied two Taopatch ® devices. This study has shown, in our opinion, that the use of a technology which improves movement, proprioception, and balance can be extremely useful for patients affected by multiple sclerosis.”
- Dr. Alberto Lomeo, Vascular Surgeon

“The results we obtained [from multiple sclerosis subjects] were very comforting; we’ve seen an improvement in all of the parameters considered.”
- Dr. Giuseppe Messina, Dentist

“Taopatch has a clinically evident result in no time, does not have side effects or unwanted effects, and has a remarkable postural value and is also instrumentally visible on the stabilometric platform."
- Dr. Pietro Bressan, General Surgeon

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