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Dental Probiotics – Strawberry 60

Dental Probiotics – Strawberry 60

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Key Benefits
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Helps stop bad breath at its source
  • Helps break down plaque

SuperTeeth Dental Probiotic is a solution specially formulated for the well-being of your oral microbiome. This innovative product simplifies your oral care routine, making it easier than ever to maintain a healthy smile. After your regular brushing and flossing routine, all you need to do is pop one of these tablets into your mouth, and let it dissolve!

SuperTeeth's Dental Probiotic goes beyond traditional oral care. It actively supports the health of your teeth and gums, offering a natural defense against potential oral diseases. By neutralizing the pH levels in your mouth, it creates an environment where harmful bacteria struggle to thrive, helping to break down plaque and prevent its buildup. Say goodbye to bad breath as their Dental Probiotic tackles its root cause, leaving your breath fresh and clean.

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