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Seeking Health

Seeking Health Histamine Digest

Seeking Health Histamine Digest

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Key benefits

  • Digests histamine fast using the DAO2 TM enzyme
  • Supports healthy histamine levels in the small intestines, colon, uterus, bladder, prostate, and breast milk
  • Helps restore confidence in eating and drinking

Histamine Digest is designed to address histamine intolerance, providing fast and effective digestion of histamine with its patented DAO2 TM enzyme formula. This supplement will help alleviating symptoms like post-meal discomfort, erratic bowel movements, or unexplained fatigue after consuming certain foods.

Histamine Digest's key ingredient is DAOgest ® (Diamine oxidase), extracted from porcine (pork) kidney. This potent enzyme is designed to target histamine breakdown in crucial areas of your body, including the small intestine, colon, placenta, kidney, appendix, testis, and prostate. By supplementing your body with DAOgest ®, Histamine Digest supports the restoration of healthy histamine levels, facilitating a smoother digestive process and promoting overall well-being.

Upon consumption, the capsule design of Histamine Digest ensures targeted release of the DAO enzyme directly into the small intestine. Here, the DAO enzyme gets to work, efficiently breaking down histamine from diverse sources such as food, the gut's immune system, and the microbiome. By supporting the restoration of healthy DAO enzyme levels, Histamine Digest aims to alleviate symptoms associated with histamine intolerance.

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DAOgest® porcine kidney extract (Diamine Oxidase Activity 10,000 HDU), Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetarian capsule (hypromellose, water, and gellan gum), and ascorbyl palmitate.

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