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Organifi Vanilla Protein

Organifi Vanilla Protein

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Key Benefits

  • 20g of Healthy Plant Proteins
  • Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals
  • 100% Organic, Plant-Based, No Soy or Whey
  • Controls cravings
  • Includes digestive enzymes

Organifi's Vanilla Protein is the result of a unique combination of three complex plant-based proteins and other whole-foods containing vitamins and minerals for a daily protein shake made quick, easy and enjoyable. Certified Glyphosate Residue Free and made with 20g of diverse protein sources ensuring it is in the all-in-one nourishing solution. This creamy, delicious complete protein can control cravings,with 20g of protein to help keep you satiated and feeling full longer, while providing vitamins and minerals that are derived from whole-food sources like fruits and vegetables, pea, and quinoa. Finally, this all results in better digestion, with digestive enzymes to support keeping the gut in a healthier state.

For individuals who struggle with bloating or indigestion from dairy or whey, plant protein shakes are a great option. Consumption of plant proteins has been linked to lower risks of many kinds of health complications. In addition, plant-based proteins are easier on the environment, are responsible for less greenhouse gases, and of course require no animals.

Here at we do the work for you, every product goes through a 3 step curation process of Discovery, Expert Validation, and Community Testing. So you know you are only getting the best.


Pea protein, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, flax seed, digestive enzymes, fruit and veggie blend, acacia, agave inulin, coconut sugar, and sea salt.

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