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Whilst we're more than aware of the adverse health conditions associated with poor sleep hygiene, our sleep debt isn't going anywhere before our kids are about five. At least. So rather than losing sleep over losing sleep, make the most of what time you do get between the sheets. 

Committing to a sleep routine is one of the most practical ways of ensuring you squeeze every last second out of your time spent snoozing. Begin an evening wind-down 1-2 hours before you plan to go to bed. During this time you should limit your light exposure, lower your temperature to sync up with your body's natural nighttime temperature (learn how to do that, here), slow down your mind, write a pre-bedtime brain dump and practice some relaxation techniques. Did I say 1-2 hours before? I think you're going to need to add a few more hours. These are all great techniques, I use them as often as I can. But on the nights where none of this is possible, a quick pillow spray spritz feels like enough self care to get me some extra Zzz's.

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