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If you're ever wondering what the purpose of Mother's Day is, there is a fabulous meme that did the rounds some time ago, illustrating a ten-centimetre dilation. For those who aren't aware, ten centimetres is the diameter which we must reach in order to physically birth a child. If your mother birthed you via c-section, understand that she underwent major surgery AND kept you alive shortly after, at a time when she wasn't even able to stand up unaided. It's also worth noting, that Motherhood status doesn't always start at birth. I know Mothers whose journeys began when their children were much older but who couldn't imagine their lives without their children, in exactly the same way as those who have biological kids. Whatever Mother's Day looks like to you, remember, it takes a village to raise a family and every "Mum" deserves a treat. If I could @ my husband in this, I would. Those who know me, know why! I'm sure I'll blog about it at some point ... 


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