Collection: Scented Candles

Looking for a mood boost? Aren’t we all! In my quest to lead a calmer life, I created essential oil blends designed to kick-start a mood boost or shake off my foggy brain. I could give plenty, and I mean, plenty, of examples when scented candles have come to rescue me from a seriously bad mood, or total melt-down, but genuinely, nothing gives me greater overwhelm than the school run. I’ve had my fair share of stressful situations but I’ll never understand how this exercise has been overlooked as an Olympic Sport. Distractions at every corner … you put shoes on, and the other takes theirs off. You’re about to leave the house and suddenly someone’s hunger strikes. The water bottle leaks, they decide today they want a packed lunch, it’s PE day and you’ve already dressed them in uniform … The list is ENDLESS.

Initially, I thought using essential oils to brighten my mood in these moments, (and the five million other daily events that trigger a dangerously crap mood), was just a myth, but there is scientific research behind how scents can modify brain waves and can be responsible for various brain states. With this in mind, I started to explore their benefits in more detail, and now, I can’t live without them. Lighting a scented candle in these moments of chaos can make all the difference to our mood. (Psst … our Hearten collection or Rise is a godsend for the school run - Hearten is centred with Palmarosa, an oil known for its calming and uplifting effects. Rise is bursting head to toe with juicy citrus fruits, Grapefruit, Lime and Orange, all of which are known for their uplifting, mood-boosting properties …!)