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Amber glass candle: Neroli

Amber glass candle: Neroli

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Key Benefits
  • Designed for comfort and warmth
  • Provides a sense of well-being and contentment
  • Extensively test-burned

This scent has been thoughtfully crafted to give you a break on those chilly days. Aiming to provide the same comfort and warmth as a soothing hug, this unique blend truly encapsulates the essence of comfort. At its heart, the top note of Neroli emerges as a gentle, warm hug that wraps you, especially when you're seeking balacne in the middle of life's chaos. Self Care Co.'s commitment to delivering the finest experiences is evident in the rigorous testing this scent has undergone. For weeks, they meticulously test-burned this candle, and the results have been positive, making it a cherished favorite among the team at SCC. They take immense pride in this exceptional scent and have created it with the hope that it will offer you the same sense of well-being and contentment that it brings them.

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