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Hypnobirthing Mama's Rejoice, this hypnobirthing candle was made with you in mind! Packed to the rafters with oxytocin-inducing Clary Sage, grounding Frankincense and relaxing Lavender, it's your very best friend during those hours shortly before established labour.

During labour, you want to produce as much Oxytocin as possible. Oxytocin is the hormone we produce when we're in love and when we're happy. When we're in labour, Oxytocin causes our uterus to contract and promotes the progress of labour, but just as importantly, it is a natural pain reliever. Keeping the Oxytocin flowing is why Hypnobirthing encourages us to stay calm, surround ourselves with those we love and focus our minds on happy memories. To keep us extra topped up, infusing the air with aromatherapeutic scents of oxytocin-inducing Clary Sage, relaxing Lavender and deep rooting Frankincense can really help us to find calm during birth.

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