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Instagram-worthy skin? We hear you - no filter needed! Body oils are universal, almost anyone can use them!

At best, dry skin looks dull, at its worst it feels really uncomfortable. A great body oil can offer a quick, effective fix, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

I applaud any woman who can get through pregnancy and not feel as though she needs to bathe in a bath of Jojoba Body Oil, daily. For me, coating myself in body oil from head to toe, morning and night, was a necessity as I was being stretched in more ways than I knew possible! It's a ritual I kept up (not in the early days, any spare seconds spent oiling were reserved for sleep ... or more honestly, scrolling mindlessly through Instagram). Whilst essential oils can be heaven-sent during pregnancy, it's important that we're mindful about which ones we're using. Our pregnancy oils are all safe to use during pregnancy. 

For other skin types, body oil can be a divine way of maintaining nourished skin and upgrading our selfcare routines!


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