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Our Clary Sage, Frankincense and Lavender Pregnancy Candle was our very first scent! It's a firm favourite of ours and a best-seller from day one!

Learning all about the benefits of Clary Sage during early labour, I embarked on a mission to find the purest, most deliciously scented pregnancy candle containing Clary Sage. I was looking for a pregnancy candle to contain 100% natural Clary Sage essential oil for its Oxytocin boosting benefits, and 100% natural Lavender for its relaxing properties. I soon realised that it didn't exist, so I (Paul (my OH!)) handmade it instead. 

Due to its ability to produce the hormone Oxytocin, Clary Sage can cause our Uterus to contract and stimulate labour, we advise that products containing Clary Sage are not used before you are in labour, hence why Paul made this pregnancy candle for me!

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