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Buy Organifi Green Juice Powder - UK Stockist

Buy Organifi Green Juice Powder - UK Stockist

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Key benefits

  • Promotes balanced cortisol and stress levels - with 600mg of ashwagandha
  • Perfect for weight management - reduces cortisol levels that elevate urges
  • Detox the body of harmful toxins - with chlorella, a true superfood and alkalizing algae rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll, a potent detoxifying antioxidan

Modern lifestyles have increased daily stressors which can easily disrupt cortisol rhythm. Excessive toxins in our diet and our environment make it harder for our body to effectively regulate and remain in balance. Stress, cravings, and hormones can all be connected to cortisol levels. With a morning reset using Organifi Green Juice, your daily cortisol levels settle and normalise, helping you avoid negative effects like cravings for sweets or that afternoon crash. Your body loves it, and you will too.

Flavour: Original Mint

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Greens Blend: Wheat (Grass) Powder, Wheat (Grass) Juice Powder, Moringa (Leaf) Powder, Spirulina (Whole Plant) Powder, Chlorella (Whole Plant) Powder, Matcha Green Tea (Leaf) Powder Superfood Blend: Coconut (Fruit) Water Powder, Ashwagandha (Root) Extract (KSM 66), Lemon Powder, Red Bet (Root) Powder, Turmeric (Root) Extract Other Ingredients: Orgain Prebiotic Powder (from Tapioca Starch), Natural Orange Flavour with Other Natural Flavours, Mint Flavours with Other Natural Flavours, Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Extract

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