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Intelligent Change

Let's Get Closer - Intelligent Change

Let's Get Closer - Intelligent Change

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Key benefits

  • 3 levels of closeness: Close, Closer, Closest
  • Created for all relationships
  • Wild cards to make game more interesting, fun, and engaging
  • Wide range of topics about what truly matters in life
  • Build on the principles of positive language

Let’s Get Closer Original features a wide variety of topics––from fun experiences and childhood memories, to life aspirations and values. Questions based on the principles of positive psychology––and positive language, in particular—that cultivate mindful, deep connections. Questions are curated in a way to enable you to spend quality time with your family members; find new ways to improve relationships with your friends or your partner; and bond with colleagues or classmates.

The game is separated into three levels: Close, Closer, and Closest. Each progressive level poses questions that become more personal, challenging players to share and strengthen their bond. Wildcards in each level pose fun activities and challenges to laugh, go deep, and bond.

Get closer with deep conversation. Take turns reading and answering the questions. Try more questions from the same level. Go up a level. Even go down a level.There’s no wrong way to play, as long as you’re getting closer. Reflect on your discoveries. Once you have finished, take some time together and reflect on the answers.

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