Davids Tea

Davids Tea Silk Dragon Jasmine

Davids Tea Silk Dragon Jasmine

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Key Benefits
    • Improves mental clarity and alertness
    • Can reduce inflammation
    • High in antioxidants

This Jasmine tea blend is calming and relaxing while still giving you the boost of energy for when the need calls. The all-powerful antioxidants in Jasmine tea can support mental clarity while boosting your immune system by fighting off bacterias and infections, reduce inflammation, and can even aid with digestion.

The Jasmine green tea is made of Chinese green tea leaves, with the addition of jasmine blossoms which gives it a subtle taste of the flower with grassy undertones. It is naturally low in caffeine, however, it still has about 25mg of caffeine per cup, allowing you a small boost of sustained energy.

Jasmine tea is also great for your skin, the natural occurring polyphenols are a powerful tonic for skin damage and pigmentation by protecting us from free radicals and oxidative stress.

This tea is perfect to drink and enjoy throughout the day, particularly in the morning for a boost of energy or in the afternoon for a gentle pick-me-up.

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Organic Chinese Green Tea, Scented with Jasmine Flowers.

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