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Davids Tea Japanese Sencha

Davids Tea Japanese Sencha

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Key Benefits
  • Maintains energy levels
  • Offers tension relief
  • Supports digestive health
  • Promotes skin health

Sencha is a Japanese green tea full of aromatic leaves, and opposed to matcha, Sencha is grown underneath the sun and is renowned for its balance between bitterness, sweetness, and umami.

Sencha tea is full of powerful antioxidants which contribute to supporting the health of our cells, protecting us against oxidative stress and free radicals. It is also a source of Vitamin C, which is a powerful vitamin to aid our immune supporting properties, and Vitamin E, the skin loving vitamin which helps to protect us against free radicals which damage cells. The abundance of Vitamin E and other antioxidants found in Sencha works to soothe the skin and boost the protection against oxidative stress.

Sencha contains a low amount of caffeine compared to coffee or other teas, however, in combination with the presence of L-theanine it promotes cognitive function, increased focus and helps you get that additional boost of mood without the coffee-jitters.

Due to all the nurturing properties of Sencha, it can also support various aspects of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, aid healthy blood pressure and work synergistically to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Sencha is a timeless elixir and a myriad of beneficial properties which if consumed regularly can foster a holistic wellness experience.

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Organic steamed green tea from Mount Fuji, Japan.

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