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BiOptimizers sleep Breakthrough advanced natural formula

BiOptimizers sleep Breakthrough advanced natural formula

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Key benefits

  • Experience deeper sleep
  • Enhance dream activity
  • Reduce sleep disruptions
  • Wake up without the foggy brain feeling

Sleep Breakthrough is a delicious sleep drink designed to elevate your nightly rest. Unlock the potential for an even deeper sleep experience, complemented by heightened dream activity. This unique formula minimises the risk of sleep disruptions caused by the intricate workings of the brain and body. Notably, should any disturbances arise in the middle of the night, such as those pesky bathroom breaks, Sleep Breakthrough ensures a swift return to the tranquil realms of sleep.

This product promotes deep sleep, triggering the release of essential hormones responsible for fat burning, muscle building, and overall bodily rejuvenation. The importance of REM sleep is not overlooked, contributing to optimal cognitive function and emotional well-being.

By incorporating Sleep Breakthrough into your routine, you'll notice a significant boost in your desire to go to bed, even if you're a night owl. The blend is crafted to induce a sense of relaxation that seamlessly guides you into a restful state.

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Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate), Magnesium (from Magnesium Bisglycinate), Zinc (from Zinc Picolinate), Bamboo Leaf (Phyllostachys viridis) (Leaf Extract), L-Theanine, Magnolia (Magnolia officinalis) (Bark Extract), Strawberry Juice Powder, Organic Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Calcium Citrate, Pineapple Juice Powder, Thaumatin Powder.Allergens: None.

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