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Apollo Neuro Clips - White

Apollo Neuro Clips - White

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The Apollo Clip for Apollo Wearables is designed to bring stress relief into your life, offering a discreet and versatile way to wear your Apollo device. This Clip ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your Apollo Wearable at any time, anywhere, without drawing unnecessary attention. With the Apollo Clip, you have the freedom to explore various placement options, tailoring your experience to your unique preferences. Whether you choose to attach it to your waistband for a discreet experience during daily tasks, or secure it to your shirt collar for enhanced relaxation, the possibilities are endless. For optimal effectiveness, remember to position your Apollo device in close contact with your body, near key bones like the collarbone, wrist, hipbone, or ankle. This proximity ensures that you receive the full benefits of Apollo's stress relief technology, promoting a greater sense of well-being in your everyday life.

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