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Ancient + Brave

Ancient + Brave Matcha + Collagen

Ancient + Brave Matcha + Collagen

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Key Benefits

  • 2500mg of nourishing hydrolysed collagen peptides in each serving
  • Calming matcha energy and adaptogenic mushroom for focus
  • Excellent source of protein to support muscle mass and body conditioning
  • Powerful phytonutrients to support radiant skin and collagen renewal
  • Cinnamon to support blood sugar balance and metabolism

Ancient + Brave Matcha + Collagen is a harmonious mix of organic matcha enhanced with collagen and Lion’s Mane mushroom for a clear mind and clear skin. Matcha is derived from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, the same plant used to produce green tea and has incredible antioxidant and health-promoting nutrients. It serves as a clean caffeine source, but with it’s rich content of L-theanine it reduces caffeine jitters and instead provides a sense of calm against the stimulating effects of caffeine on the body's nervous system. Matcha has been known to promote a feeling of relaxation and mental clarity, helping to foster a state of tranquillity and alertness. Drinking matcha tea can also promote and protect collagen synthesis in the skin.

Additionally, Lion’s Mane mushroom is a powerful adaptogen that provides your brain with fuel for focus and your body with sustained energy, blood sugar balancing cinnamon gives our blend a natural sweetness to help you create the perfect start to your day. Finally, Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides provide strength and integrity to the structural protein matrix found in skin, bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

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Grass-fed Bovine True Collagen*Organic Lion’s ManeOrganic MatchaOrganic MCT PowderOrganic MoringaOrganic Cinnamon

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