Collection: Baby Shower Gift

If you're looking for a thoughtful baby shower gift that she'll adore, look no further. Produced using the finest quality ingredients from naturally derived waxes and ethically sources essential oils, our 100% naturally scented candles are homemade from the kitchen table in my family home. Each blend has been carefully selected and independently regulated to ensure that they're safe to use during pregnancy and after birth. They're also pet-safe! If you're looking for a stand-out baby shower gift, you're in the right place.

Please note, Clary Sage is a beautiful essential oil to use during labour as it helps to stimulate oxytocin and help the uterus contract. We advise that you do not use any products or light a candle containing clary sage before the early stages of labour. Don't worry, I include a warning card in all products containing Clary Sage.