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Yogi Bare Yoga Strap Black

Yogi Bare Yoga Strap Black

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Key benefits

  • Facilitates stretching and increases mobility
  • Improves form and enhances body alignment
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike

Introducing Yogi Bare’s RPET stretch straps, designed to elevate your yoga experience. Made with precision and care, these straps serve as indispensable companions on your journey towards improved flexibility and mindfulness.

With a length of 1.8 meters and a width of 40mm, these RPET stretch straps offer optimal support and comfort, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your daily practice routine. Whether you're aiming to lengthen your limbs or deepen your stretches, these straps are your go-to solution for achieving your yoga goals.

Beginners and advanced practitioners alike will appreciate the versatility of these stretch straps. From enhancing body awareness to refining posture and alignment, they empower you to unlock your full potential on the mat.

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