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Yoga Studio Store Lightweight Mesh Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Studio Store Lightweight Mesh Yoga Mat Bag

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Key Benefits
  • Allows your yoga mat to breathe with mesh panel
  • Washable fabric for easy-clean
  • Lightweight with an adjustable strap for comfort

Crafted for effortless transport of your rolled yoga mat, this yoga mat bag is constructed from washable nylon with mesh fabric. It accommodates yoga or Pilates mats ranging from 4mm to 6mm in thickness. By providing a convenient means of carrying your mat, it increases the likelihood of maintaining your practice routine, thereby promoting physical and mental well-being.

The use of washable nylon and mesh fabric not only ensures durability but also promotes hygiene. With this bag, you can easily wash it to keep your mat clean, promoting a healthier practice environment and reducing the risk of infections. The netted mesh panel allows your yoga mat to breathe, preventing moisture buildup and odours. Proper ventilation not only extends the lifespan of your mat but also reduces the likelihood of mould and mildew growth, which can be harmful to your health. The bag can carry a yoga or Pilates mat from 4mm up to 6mm thick.

  • Bag Size Dimensions: 68cm x 15cm
  • Zip Length: 62cm in length

Yoga mat not included.

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