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Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo

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Key benefits

  • Uses 16 infrared sensors for highly accurate results
  • Provides ultra-fast measurement with a colour-coded fever indicator
  • Data and health advice seamlessly appear in the Withings app via Wi-Fi
  • Recognises and tracks up to 8 users

The Thermo, equipped with 16 infrared sensors, features advanced technology to ensure highly accurate results. Its ultra-fast measurement capability, accompanied by a colour-coded fever indicator, enables quick and easy temperature checks.

Designed with hygiene and comfort in mind, Thermo eliminates the need for physical contact, ensuring a non-invasive and ultra-hygienic measurement process. Through automatic synchronisation, your temperature data seamlessly integrates into the Withings app via Wi-Fi, providing comprehensive insights and personalised health advice with each measurement.

Moreover, Thermo prioritises inclusivity with its multi-user functionality, accommodating up to 8 users. Each individual gains access to their personal temperature history, facilitating effective tracking of health trends. Furthermore, this feature allows for seamless sharing of data with healthcare professionals, promoting collaborative and informed healthcare management.

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