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Thorne Liver Cleanse

Thorne Liver Cleanse

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Key Benefits

  • Enhances bile production and flow
  • Optimizes metabolism
  • Enhances liver function

Thorne’s Liver Cleanse enhances bile production and flow, optimizing metabolism and excretion of substances the liver detoxifies. Use it for general liver support or as part of a detoxification program. New formula – now with chicory. For proper detoxification, adequate liver function is essential. A number of botanicals have demonstrated their ability to improve the liver's detoxification function, as well as to enhance the liver's output of bile. Thorne's Liver Cleanse is a unique botanical formula that can synergistically enhance the liver's function. The botanical ingredients in Liver Cleanse promote the production and flow of bile, which helps to optimize metabolism and the excretion of substances detoxified by the liver. The suggested starting use of Liver Cleanse is to take one capsule in the evening. If additional liver cleansing is indicated, then supplementation can be gradually increased.

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Berberine HCl, Burdock Extract, Chicory Extract, Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum marianum). Other Ingredients: Calcium Laurate, Hypromellose Capsule, Silicon Dioxide

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