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Redmond Life

Redmond Life Real Salt Coarse Refillable Grinder

Redmond Life Real Salt Coarse Refillable Grinder

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Key Benefits
  • Unrefined sea salt - Large grain for grinding
  • 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals
  • A handy refillable grinder to keep in your kitchen
  • Perfect for grinding onto any dish

This unrefined, ancient sea salt, housed in a ceramic grinder, contains over 60 naturally-occurring trace minerals, retaining its pristine quality untainted by processing or chemicals. Its coarse texture delivers a bold salty flavour, ideal for enhancing any dish. Packaged in a convenient 4.75 oz. refillable grinder crafted from high-quality ceramic, it ensures you’re always prepared to indulge in the distinctive texture and robust taste of coarse salt.

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100% Real salt

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