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Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid

Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid

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Key Benefits
  • Supports hormone balance and lymphatic drainage
  • Encourages circulation
  • Reduces signs of ageing around the neck
  • Supports blood flow to the thyroid area

The Thyroid Castor Oil Pack offers targeted support for thyroid health, promoting hormone balance, circulation, and a youthful appearance of the neck. By applying gentle compression and castor oil (sold separately), this pack will help balance hormones, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and support lymphatic drainage, all crucial for optimal thyroid function.

What is the pack made of?

  • 90% organic cotton flannel - Soft, hypoallergenic inner layer
  • 5% polyurethane (PUL) - Less-mess outer layer
  • 5% nylon - Four soft, stretchy, adjustable straps

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