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Pukka Three Chamomile Tea

Pukka Three Chamomile Tea

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Key benefits

  • Made with organic hand-picked chamomile blossoms
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Ethically sourced
  • Provides a sense of calm

Enjoy a moment of serenity with Pukka’s calming chamomile tea. Crafted from hand-picked daisy-like blossoms of chamomile, this tea offers a soothing blend that gently melts the worries of the day away.

Pukka carefully selected a harmonious trio of chamomile varieties—African, Egyptian, and European flowers—each contributing to the tea's delicate yet strong flavour profile.

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100% organic ingredients: African Chamomile Flower (70%) (Yellow Florets and Flower Heads), Egyptian Chamomile Flower (20%), European Chamomile Flower (10%).

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