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Kiki Health

KIKI Health Organic Slippery Elm Powder

KIKI Health Organic Slippery Elm Powder

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Key Benefits
  • Helps inflammation
  • Relieves stomach problems
  • Supports digestion
KIKI Health's Slippery Elm Organic Powder truly is highest quality.

Ancient Traditions, Modern Quality: Sourced from native North American trees, KIKI Health brings you the finest organic Slippery Elm Powder. These trees are nurtured by indigenous tribes, following ancient practices, and harvested at their peak to capture the essence of nature.

Pure Inner Bark: Only the inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree is used, resulting in a premium cream-colored powder with a rich heritage.

Nutrient Preservation: To ensure the preservation of vital nutrients, the harvested bark undergoes a gentle drying process at low temperatures. This meticulous approach retains the essence of Slippery Elm's natural goodness, from the heart of the tree to your product.

Time-Tested Efficacy: Slippery Elm has graced North American herbal remedies for centuries, renowned for its versatile soothing properties. It has been applied both orally and externally in healing salves to alleviate various symptoms.

Gluten and Wheat-Free: KIKI Health's Slippery Elm Organic Powder is naturally free from gluten and wheat, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.

Pure and Untouched: Their product is non-irradiated, ensuring that you receive Slippery Elm in its most natural state, just as nature intended.

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100% Organic Slippery Elm Powder (Ulmus fulva)

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