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Ra Optics Maxwell - Daylight

Ra Optics Maxwell - Daylight

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Key Benefits

  • Resets your circadian rhythm - your body's natural clock.
  • Protects your eyes.
  • Increases energy and focus.
  • Improves sleep patterns.

In a world dominated by screens and artificial lighting, your eyes deserve the best defense. Say goodbye to eye strain, headaches, and afternoon fatigue with Ra Optics Daylight Lenses, carefully designed to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light emitted by fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, and screens. Daylight lenses have been created to filter out 95% of the most harmful range of artificial blue light, while permitting the essential colors necessary for perception, functionality, and overall well-being to pass through.

Whether you're at school, work, or home, Daylight Lenses are your go-to solution to protect your eyes and preserve your precious vision. Don't compromise on your eye health; embrace the future of eye care.

Eye Protection: Shield your eyes from the harmful blue light that bombards you daily. Invest in your long-term eye health and enjoy clearer vision for years to come.
Relaxation and Mood Boost: Feel the tension melt away as you wear Daylight Lenses. Experience a rise in your mood, increased energy levels, and sharpened focus, helping you conquer your day with ease.
Enhanced Productivity: Say goodbye to midday slumps and hello to sustained focus and productivity. Watch your efficiency soar as you tackle tasks with renewed vigor.

The James Clerk Maxwell Frame is a tribute to James Clerk Maxwell, the genius behind electric and magnetic field discoveries. This frame embodies innovation and intellect with its sleek design and matte black finish, adding bold sophistication to any look. Designed to fit medium to large faces comfortably, it's a stylish and functional accessory for work or leisure. Crafted with precision, RA Optics' lenses incorporate cutting-edge blue light-absorbing pigment technology for ultimate eye protection.

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Ra Optic's lenses have been designed and developed with the world's leading experts on light-protective technology, and utilize the world’s most advanced, proprietary blue light-absorbing pigment technology.Ra Optic's frames are designed with keen attention to detail and handcrafted using the world’s highest quality materials—Italian Acetate and German-Engineered Metal—into a variety of trending and timeless styles. There is a frame for everyone.

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