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Magic Of I. Astrological Planner - Black

Magic Of I. Astrological Planner - Black

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Key Benefits
  • No prior astrology knowledge is necessary; this planner accommodates all levels of experience, doubling as a standard yearly planner.
  • Discover the profound insights that can be gained from following the energies of each day and the elemental forces shaping our existence.
  • Connect with the natural rhythms of the moon and planets, guiding you through the year while keeping you grounded.

The 2024 Astrological Planner is more than an organiser; it's an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and a gateway to deep connections with the universe.

Planning + Tracking Features:
- Covering January to December, it includes the Optimum Times Life Guide, a 2024 intentions yearly planning workbook, a yearly overview calendar, monthly goals and intentions, weekly goals and actionable steps, menstrual cycle tracking with the moon, a weekly 7-day planner, general holiday dates, a 2024 & 2025 calendar, and personal birth chart space.
- The planner offers How To Guides to maximise its potential for personal growth.
- Timezone information is included to help you understand your place in time and space.
- You have a personal birth chart space to fill in for easy reference when navigating transits.
- Learn about the various layers of the calendars with the Calendar features overview.
- The Yearly Planning Workbook motivates you to plan your year and set intentions, providing a clear vision and actionable steps.
- End-of-year review pages allow you to reflect on your personal growth and evolution.
- Goal and intention setting features make big dreams possible when broken down into monthly and weekly steps.

The Astro-Mycology 2nd Edition explores the captivating world of fungi—the Earth's constellations and nature's true alchemists. You'll delve into the relationship between 12 medicinal mushrooms and their corresponding planets and zodiac signs.

Throughout the planner, each month showcases medicinal mushrooms, magical plants, and potent herbs, paired with their respective planets and signs. An illustration guide comes with these depictions, helping you figure out the connections they represent. New for 2024, the Yearly Overview Calendar provides a panoramic view of the entire year. It outlines Sun seasons, New and Full moons, and more in a convenient yearly calendar format.

One of the planner's magical features is the Optimum Times Life Guide, which appears on monthly and weekly calendars. These guides serve as your planning angels, offering insights into the best days for various activities, from business to creativity, physical movement, and more. They also flag potentially challenging days, providing that extra nudge to help you navigate life with ease. Optimum Times is your key to living in harmony, a treasure few have yet discovered. The planner covers everything related to astrology. Additionally, it provides in-depth insights into topics such as the moon's phases, working with the elements of the moon, planting by the moon, understanding the menstrual cycle, astrological bodies, planetary correspondences, the Decan Tarot Wheel, astro codes, planetary days and hours, and Astro-Mycology and botanical illustrations.

This planner is an embodiment of intention, magic, and love, beautifully illustrated to guide you through the year and connect you to the cosmic rhythms.

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284 printed pagesLuxe 110GSM ivory paperSustainable FSC paperA5 size (210x148mm / 8.3x5.8")Holographic gold foilSilky soft vegan leather coverBeautiful printed end pagesHolographic gold gilded edges2 ribbon placeholdersElastic cover bandInside back pocket

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