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Hifas Da Terra

Hifas Da Terra Cordy-Sin Sport

Hifas Da Terra Cordy-Sin Sport

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Key Benefits:

  • It induces an increase in the synthesis and utilization of energy in the form of ATP
  • Its anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects optimise exercise performance and reduce the need for rest
  • Enhances the elimination of lactic acid, which causes muscle stiffness
  • Promotes an increase in muscle mass and improves skeletal muscle contraction
  • Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system

Cordy Sin Sport is an organic food supplement that can help improve your performance whilst training. Cordy Sin Sport contains Vitamin B12, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. This supplement contains the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps, which is commonly used in Eastern cultures for its energising and invigorating properties. Due to its energising properties, it has also been referred to as, ‘Tibetan Viagra’. It contains naturally occuring ergosterol, cordycepin, mannitol and adenosine, all of which are naturally energising compounds.

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Each capsule contains 532 mg of Cordyceps sinensis micronized powder and 133.2 mg of certified organic Cordyceps sinensis extract. 100% vegetable capsules. β-glucans (β-(1-3),(1-6) D-glucans, α-glucans, Vitamin B12

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