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Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct

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Key Benefits

  • Reduces constipation and bloating
  • Alleviates gastric discomfort
  • Promotes digestoin
  • Regulates appetite

Gut Instinct is a supplement designed to address the unique digestive challenges that arise during menopause. Research indicates that a significant percentage of women struggles with digestion during this phase of life. To counteract these issues, Gut Instinct features a distinctive blend of four powerful herbs, each playing a crucial role in supporting digestive capabilities and liver health.

Menopause not only affects metabolic rates but also influences gut microbiota and permeability, leading to digestive symptoms such as discomfort, bloating, and gas. Gut Instinct addresses these challenges by nourishing compromised gut microbiota with its prebiotic properties. The inclusion of Actazin enhances protein and fat digestion, crucial during a period when digestive capacity diminishes, resulting in intolerances.

Notably, Gut Instinct stands apart by excluding probiotics. Recognising that not everyone needs or benefits from probiotics, this formula opts for prebiotics, promoting the natural growth of friendly gut bacteria. The supplement's focus is on digestion and liver support without promoting weight loss. In midlife, it's about nourishment, not punishment. The inclusion of Bitters in the blend helps regulate GIT hormone secretion, appetite, and blood sugar levels.

What’s inside?

  • Green kiwi fruit extract (Actazin): proven to reduce constipation, bloating, and gastric discomfort.
  • Marshmallow root: contributes anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities.
  • Ginger root: addresses stomach discomfort, bloating, gas, and cramping with its carminative properties.
  • Artichoke leaf: promotes digestion and helps regulate appetite.

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Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) Fruit Pulp Powder (ACTAZIN®), Heat-Treated Brown Rice Powder, Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Root Powder, Vegetable Cellulose (capsule shell), Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Root Extract 4:1, Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) Leaf Extract 12:1.

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