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Concept2 BikeErg Indoor Exercise Bike

Concept2 BikeErg Indoor Exercise Bike

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Key benefits

  • Adjustable saddle and handlers
  • Uses precision flywheel air resistance
  • Has a PM5 performance monitor

The Concept2 BikeErg represents the pinnacle of indoor cycling innovation, made by the same creators of the Concept2 Indoor Rower and SkiErg. Having a design that mirrors the sensation of outdoor riding, the BikeErg is lighter in weight compared to conventional stationary bikes, yet it delivers a workout intensity close to actual biking experiences.

Central to its design is the use of precision flywheel air resistance, ensuring that each pedal stroke adapts to the user's effort, providing an unparalleled challenge. Whether you're aiming for an easy ride or pushing your limits, the BikeErg responds dynamically to your exertion levels. Moreover, the inclusion of a clutch mechanism allows for freewheeling, mimicking the feel of a standard bicycle, while the wide damper range enables users to simulate gear changes for a more authentic riding experience.

Moreover, the Concept2 BikeErg caters to individual preferences with its adjustable saddle and handlebars. Users have the freedom to attach their preferred bicycle seat, handlebars, or pedals, ensuring a fully customised indoor cycling setup.

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Footprint: 48” x 24” Weight: 58 LB (26 KG) Construction: Welded aluminum frame, steel feet Finish: Black powder coat frame, anodized posts

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