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Body Health

Body Health Perfect Amino Powder - Mocha

Body Health Perfect Amino Powder - Mocha

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Key Benefits
  • Ideal for muscle and bone building
  • Promotes rapid recovery after intense training
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Mix of chocolate and coffee flavour

PerfectAmino stands out as an essential amino acid supplement, containing an exceptional 99% utilisation rate, delivering 3-6 times more protein compared to conventional sources, all within a minimal calorie count. This 100% vegan and non-GMO formula offers a quick absorption time of just 20-30 minutes, ensuring your body efficiently absorbs the vital building blocks it needs.

Many individuals unknowingly suffer from protein deficiency despite consuming foods like eggs, meat, fish, and nuts. PerfectAmino addresses this gap by providing amino acids that are 99% utilised by the body to create protein, surpassing other protein sources. It is a game-changer for athletes experiencing lingering injuries, menopausal women facing brittle bones, or children plagued by frequent colds. The utilisation chart clearly illustrates PerfectAmino's Amino Acid Utilisation (AAU) far exceeding other protein sources, such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and popular protein types.

In the medical field, PerfectAmino is recognised for filling essential amino acid gaps that hinder healing. Athletes, particularly those engaged in intense training, benefit from the supplement's ability to meet heightened protein requirements crucial for muscle recovery, stamina, and overall health. Manufactured in a cGMP facility, PerfectAmino undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring quality, purity, and effectiveness. It provides the eight essential amino acids vital for protein synthesis, making it the ultimate protein supplement for muscle and bone building, quick recovery, increased energy levels, and immune system support.

Reasons to Choose PerfectAmino:

-99% Utilization for Power, Energy, and Recovery: With no digestion required, PerfectAmino offers quick energy and recovery benefits.

-Rapid Absorption: Absorbed into the bloodstream within 23 minutes for nearly instant strength.

-Perfect Formulation: A complete formula with all eight essential amino acids, including 50% BCAAs.

-No Metabolic Waste: 99% utilisation means no nitrogen waste, making it kidney-friendly.

-Maintains Muscle Mass: Perfectly balanced, aiding in muscular growth and recovery.

-Boosts Fat Loss: Equivalent to 30 grams of protein with minimal calories, enhancing muscle mass.

-Tackles Hunger and Food Cravings: Reduces false hunger signals, suitable for various dietary plans.

-Super-Convenient: Mixes easily in water, offering a hassle-free solution.

-Universal Use: Ideal for athletes, healthcare support, and those seeking waste-free protein.

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L-LeucineL–ValineL–IsoleucineL–Lysine HydrochlorideL–PhenylalanineL–ThreonineL–MethionineL–Tryptophan,Natural Flavors, Organic Monk Fruit Extract,Xanthan Gum, Stevia Leaf Extract.

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