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Vimergy Kids Organic Liquid Zinc

Vimergy Kids Organic Liquid Zinc

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Key Benefits
  • Promotes strong bone development as children grow
  • Helps build a strong immune system
  • Zinc promotes wound healing and tissue repair processes throughout the body
  • Easy to take liquid formula

Vimergy Kids Organic Zinc Sulfate is an indispensable trace mineral for optimal health, aiding in bone growth, metabolism, and mineral status, fostering robust bone development. This powerhouse nutrient also acts as a catalyst for white blood cell production, fortifying the immune system.

This supplement supports the body's maintenance processes, ensuring your child's continual growth and vitality. With its convenient dropper design, precise dosing becomes effortless, seamlessly integrating into your little one's daily routine. Empower your child's immune system and promote their overall health with Vimergy Kids Organic Zinc Sulfate, the essential supplement for robust growth and development, and fewer missed days of school. According to research, zinc supplementation has been linked to fewer missed days of school.

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Zinc (as zinc sulfate), Organic Glycerin (Flax), Purified Water, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate

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