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Together Health

Together Health Vegan Vitamin D3

Together Health Vegan Vitamin D3

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Key Benefits
  • Formulated for optimal absorption
  • Vegan and plant-based
  • Regulates mood
  • Promotes immune function

In the realm of health and wellness, this Vegan Vitamin D3 stands as a unique and exceptional supplement. Derived from lichen, a small organic species living in the remote, cool, mountainous climates of North America, this vegan-friendly vitamin D3 offers a natural source of cholecalciferol—the body's preferred biologically active form.

This supplement is especially formulated to optimise absorption. Recognising that vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin, the product incorporates a base of coconut oil for effective absorption. This addition not only enhances absorption but also facilitates the assimilation of this essential vitamin by the body.

Vitamin D3 is essential for bone health, supports calcium absorption, immune function, and mood regulation. Adequate levels may reduce the risk of chronic diseases and enhance overall well-being.

What sets this supplement apart is not just its health benefits but also its commitment to environmental sustainability. The lichen used in the formulation is sourced from a designated and sustainable growing site, ensuring that it can fully regrow in areas post-harvest. In a conscientious effort to avoid contributing to the often cruel wool industry, the product proudly steers clear of Lanolin, a common vitamin D3 source derived from sheep glands.

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Coconut oil, Tapioca extract, Lichen providing Vitamin D3. Capsule (Vegetable cellulose).

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