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Charcoal Electric Toothbrush - Boka

Charcoal Electric Toothbrush - Boka

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Key benefits

  • Crafted with activated charcoal bristles
  • Features cutting-edge sonic technology, delivering 30,000 vibrations per minute
  • Reduces the risk of gum recession
  • Includes two brush heads and a travel case

Experience the pinnacle of dental care with Boka's Electric Toothbrush, featuring cutting-edge sonic technology that delivers an impressive 30,000 vibrations per minute. This advanced brushing system ensures a thorough clean that leaves your teeth feeling as fresh as after a dental appointment.

Crafted with soft, activated charcoal bristles, this toothbrush not only cleans effectively but also contributes to a healthier oral environment by limiting bacteria growth. Unlike traditional bristles, charcoal bristles provide a gentler brushing experience, reducing the risk of gum recession and temperature sensitivity associated with harsh brushing.

Designed for both performance and aesthetics, the Boka Electric Toothbrush has stainless-steel accents that add a touch of elegance to your daily routine. Its magnetic charging base ensures effortless charging, while the long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted use.

With the inclusion of two brush heads and a travel case, this electric toothbrush is perfect for those on the go, allowing you to maintain your oral hygiene regimen wherever life takes you.

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