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Redmond Life

Redmond Life Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch

Redmond Life Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch

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Key Benefits

  • Small size grains
  • Fantastic everyday seasoning salt
  • Unrefined mineral salt

Redmond’s Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch is unrefined, ancient sea salt exactly as nature made it. It contains 60+ naturally-occurring trace minerals, and it’s never processed or chemically treated. This fine sea salt makes a perfect everyday table salt. It’s great for boiling water, seasoning your food, baking, and more. If you want to reuse your shakers, reduce waste, and keep your meals full of flavour, this 26 oz. refill pouch is an awesome choice.

As the earth shifted and ocean waters retreated beneath the surface, the Real Salt deposit in the Western United States was formed into a massive, underground mountain of crystalized salt protected from erosion by a layer of volcanic ash. Compared to typical sea salt, Real Salt has a much smoother flavour profile – a subtle, salty sweetness that naturally enhances the flavour of every bite. Real Salt doesn’t make your food taste like salt, it enhances the flavours you already have.

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