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Redmond Life

Re-Lyte Hydration Support

Re-Lyte Hydration Support

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Key Benefits

  • Contains 490mg of sodium per capsule
  • Maintains optimal hydration levels
  • Contains unrefined sea salt
  • Supports recovery

Redmond’s Re-Lyte Hydration Support maintains optimal hydration levels. What sets these capsules apart is their simplicity, as they offer a straightforward solution to your hydration needs.

Maximized Sodium Replenishment: During tough exercise, your body can lose a significant amount of sodium, up to 1,150 mg in just one hour. Re-Lyte Hydration Support addresses this issue with a generous 490 mg of sodium per capsule. This optimal dose makes it easy to restore the sodium lost through physical activity.

Vegetarian-Friendly Capsules: The capsules are crafted with a vegetable-based hypromellose casing, making them vegetarian-friendly.

Simplicity at Its Best: With Re-Lyte Hydration Support, staying hydrated is as easy as taking a capsule. There's no need to fuss with powders or liquids; simply swallow one of these capsules, and you're on your way to a healthier hydration routine.

Pure and Additive-Free: Re-Lyte Hydration Support Caps contain unrefined Real Salt, ensuring that you receive healthy trace minerals without any unnatural additives. Unlike processed salts found in other brands, these capsules prioritize your well-being.

Calorie-Conscious and Fasting-Friendly: Not only are these capsules effective, but they're also a guilt-free choice with zero calories. They're suitable for fasting regimens, ensuring you can stay on track with your dietary goals.

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Chloride, Sodium, Ancient sea salt (Real Salt), hypromellose (vegetable capsule).

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