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Pvolve Total Transformation Bundle

Pvolve Total Transformation Bundle

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Key benefits

  • Everything you need for a full body strengthening and toning workout
  • Reduce post-workout knots and soreness with a range of recovery tools
  • Strengthens and lifts glutes
  • Tones arms while improving posture
  • Deepens connection to your core and pelvic floor, while strengthening abs and obliques
  • Enhances mobility and stability
  • Includes a full year of access to Pvolve on-demand and the Live Virtual Studio, as well as a 1:1 consultation with a trainer

Experience a total transformation with the Pvolve Total Transformation Bundle, a comprehensive home workout collection comprising 13 signature and patented pieces of resistance and recovery tools. This all-in-one kit unlocks a holistic training approach that can also be used to target specific areas, delivering transformative results.

Whats included? 13 pieces of equipment, with 3 patented pieces, 8 more sculpting must haves, and 2 restorative tools:

  • P.ball: Work your lower body in a whole new way. The patented P.ball sculpts inner and outer thighs, core, and glutes with resistance from all angles.
  • Tone the arms, back, and shoulders in every direction with the patented, with glove-like attachments for versatility of movement.
  • P.3 Trainer: Strengthen your body in 360 degrees with this ankle-attached, band-based toner.
  • Precision Mat:Follow the alignment markers on the non-slip Precision Mat to hit the precise angles that are key for optimal results.
  • Slant Board: Precisely angled to level-up core, glute, and leg activation.
  • Heavy Ankle Band: Intense resistance for the lower body with a focus on outer thighs and glutes.
  • Light Ankle Band: A lower-body must-have that provides resistance without limiting movement
  • 2 lb. Hand Weights: Non-slip and designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • Gliders: Smooth-sliding disks used in dynamic sculpting moves
  • 1.5 lb. Ankle Weights: Slim profile for comfort to allow for movement in a wide range of motion
  • 3 lb. Ankle Weights: Heavier resistance to intensify your lower body exercises.
  • Precision Foam Roller: This 2.4 lb. wonder works out kinks and double up as a light weight.
  • Massage Balls: 2 single balls and 1 double ball used for myofascial release.
  • Membership - Comes with 12 months of FREE streaming access.
  • Live Virtual Studio - Daily 2-way live classes for a boutique fitness feel right at home.
  • On-Demand Classes - 100s of workouts including sculpting, weight-training, cardio, and more.
  • Trainer Consultation - A complimentary check-in to personalize your fitness plan.

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