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Pvolve Precision Mat

Pvolve Precision Mat

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Key benefits

  • Enhances understanding of 360 degree movements
  • Improves awareness of proper body positioning
  • Conveniently foldable and easy to stow away
  • Includes a 7 day free trial of Pvolve on-demand and the Live Virtual Studio, as well as a 1:1 consultation with a trainer

Experience precise movement with the Pvolve Precision Mat. Made with a unique numbered design, this mat acts as your guide to mastering 360-degree movements, as if stepping through the hours of a clock. Perfect for both beginners and advanced trainers, it elevates your form, helping you perfect the positioning of your feet, hands, hips, and more.

Designed with practicality in mind, this mat is not only a tool for improvement but also a space-saving solution. Its easy foldability allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your routine and stow it away effortlessly when not in use, ensuring your space remains clutter-free.

What’s included:
Precision Mat - 136.9 cm x 121.9cm x 2.2 mm. thick.
Membership - Comes with 7 day Free trial. Access includes:

  • Live Virtual Studio - Daily 2-way live classes for a boutique fitness feel right at home.
  • On-Demand Classes - 100s of workouts including sculpting, weight-training, cardio, and more.
  • Trainer Consultation - A complimentary check-in to personalize your fitness plan.

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