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MiraCare Max Fertility Starter Kit

MiraCare Max Fertility Starter Kit

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Key Benefits
  • Allows you to predict your 6-day fertile window and ovulation day
  • 99% lab-grade accuracy
  • FREE use of the Mira App for detailed hormone chart and insights

Step into a new era of fertility tracking with the Mira Hormone Monitor: Max Kit—a comprehensive solution empowering you to take charge of your reproductive journey. No more uncertainties; only confidence in your decisions. This at-home fertility monitor redefines the game with lab-grade technology, bringing you accurate results without the need for a lab visit. Predict and confirm ovulation, chart your 6-day fertile window, and gain daily insights with numeric hormone scores—all at your fingertips.

What sets Mira apart is its groundbreaking quantitative technology, providing you with your real hormone count in a mere 21 minutes. Say goodbye to blurry lines; Mira detects higher hormone ranges, making it the go-to choice for those with irregular cycles or hormone imbalances. The artificial intelligence used in Mira is not just smart; it's personalised. Trained on a big database of 4 million hormone data points and 370,000 menstrual cycles, Mira's AI ensures that your results are always tailored to you.

For those navigating PCOS, Mira emerges as a valuable ally, offering insights that have contributed to many successful pregnancies. Track the trifecta of crucial fertility hormones—LH for accurate ovulation prediction, E3G for identifying your full 6-day fertile window, and PdG for confirming ovulation.

What's inside?

Fertility Max Wands

Mira Fertility Analyser

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