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Dr Rangan Chatterjee's 3Q Journal - Oat

Dr Rangan Chatterjee's 3Q Journal - Oat

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Key Benefits
  • Improves mental clarity and sleep quality
  • Enhances motivation and daily productivity
  • Assists mindfulness practice reducing stress and anxiety
  • 3 months of daily journaling

Introducing the Three Question Journal, a powerful collaboration between Intelligent Change and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. Designed to provide a greater sense of control and deeper self-awareness, this journal prompts you to answer three simple questions each morning and evening. Answering these three specific questions daily will help you live a more intentional life and encourage you to start your journey of self-discovery.

Explore a heightened sense of calm, strengthened relationships, and reduced stress and anxiety. This journal fosters a greater sense of purpose and improved sleep quality through daily reflections. Make better decisions, experience heightened motivation, and cultivate mindfulness for a more intentional life.

Take a break from screen time with this digital detox benefit, and enhance emotional intelligence while building self-esteem. Well suited for busy lifestyles, it offers practical life tips for effective daily planning.

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