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HVMN Ketone-IQ Shots

HVMN Ketone-IQ Shots

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Key benefits

  • Energy: Ketones are 28% more efficient as a fuel than glucose alone. Plus, they don’t cause sugar crashes or insulin spikes, helping maintain smoother, more stable energy levels.
  • Focus: Ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier and act as fuel for the brain, helping you achieve and sustain peak mental clarity.
  • Performance: Ketones can help spare glycogen, prevent bonking, and support muscle protein resynthesis for faster recovery.
  • Apetite control: Ketones can suppress ghrelin, the hunger hormone, helping reduce your appetite so you can reach your goals.

Ancient humans relied on ketones for fuel, not sugar. But due to modern diets and sedentary lifestyles, we often eat more carbs than we need and store the excess. At H.V.M.N., they believe that the best version of yourself starts with good metabolic health—and ketones are the answer. Working closely with the US military and leading universities, H.V.M.N. has unlocked the benefits of drinkable ketones, allowing you to return to an ancient source of energy, on demand.

Ketones are a natural source of fuel for your body, proven to support energy, focus, endurance, and more. They are often created when your stored carbs are depleted, triggering your body to convert fat into ketones for fuel. Unlike fats, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing ketones to fuel both the brain and the body. Ketone-IQ™ delivers all those benefits in one drink. No caffeine, no sugar—just clean, on-demand energy for superior physical and cognitive performance.

Good to know: H.V.M.N. was awarded a $6 million contract from SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) to investigate ketones as fuel for physically and cognitively demanding missions. It was through this partnership that we created Ketone-IQ.

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      R-1,3-butanediol (R-1,3-BDO), Water, Less than 2% of: Monk Fruit Extract, Rebaudioside M, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor

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