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Bristol Fungarium

Bristol Fungarium Organic Reishi Tincture

Bristol Fungarium Organic Reishi Tincture

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Key Benefits

  • Enhanced immune function
  • Supports cardiovascular well-being
  • Alleviates stress and promotes relaxation
  • Triple extracted for high strength with a 1:4 Mushroom raito
  • UK Native & Sustainably Grown In The UK

Organic Reishi Tincture, cultivated and extracted at Bristol Fungarium's mushroom farm in Somerset, UK, offers an array of health benefits. Renowned for its heart-healthy properties, Reishi is a potent functional mushroom known to support cardiovascular well-being. Historically revered for its calming effects, Reishi has been utilised for centuries to alleviate stress and promote restful sleep. Rich in bioactive compounds and nutrients, Reishi is celebrated for its ability to enhance immune function and fortify the body against external threats.

As the only organic certified UK-native functional mushroom producer, Bristol Fungarium ensures sustainability and authenticity in every step of the process. Their products are derived from mushrooms cultivated on an organic farm in Somerset. Using a triple extraction method, where the mushrooms undergo two hot water extractions and a final organic ethanol extraction, in order to preserve the bioactive compounds responsible for its therapeutic properties. Unlike conventional supplements, boasting a 1:4 ratio, Bristol Fungarium delivers potent concentrations for optimal absorption, flexibility in dosage, and extended shelf life, all while maintaining the integrity of the original fruiting body.

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Dried Reishi Fruiting Body, Purified Water, Organic UK Ethanol

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