Collection: The Best Night's Sleep: Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender Scented Candle

Wildly indulgent. Wildly. "The kind of scented candle that you could smell everyday for the rest of your life" ... as described by one of the Mama's at my son's school. It's the kind of feedback I could happily swap food for. Please don't challenge me to this though. Why is it just so gorgeous? I'll tell you. We've used base notes of Sandalwood, a rich, deep, woody scent with dark balsamic and soft floral accents. What I love most about Sandalwood is its ability to manage anxiety; its grounding scent helps to calm an anxious mind. Centred with Jasmine, this essential oil is known for its qualities as an aphrodisiac ... (cheeky!) we've topped it with relaxing Lavender to create the ultimate bedtime, sleep candle.


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